I didn’t forget to wiki, I just forgot to write about it

July 8, 2008 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized)

I left for ALA without blogging about my post to the staff picks wiki.  I guess I am still not in the habit of blogging.  Please keep in mind that as a peer trainer I completed this before you, so my dates may be a little different than yours.  I am in the habit of adding to the wiki on a fairly regular basis under the name Aly.  You’ll see that name a lot in books for kids, but I also review for teens, adults, and an audio book here and there.  For this assignment I reviewed Pullman’s “Once upon a time in the North” http://staffpicks.pbwiki.com/Books+for+Teens

P.S. Wiki means quick. for those who are paying attention. :)-



  1. wynnbliss said,

    I wrote another review today about “Tithe.” I just finished “Valiant” last night and can’t wait to go home and read “Ironside.” Holly Black signed all three for me at ALA. 🙂

  2. lin said,

    Actually “wikiwiki” is ‘quick’ in Hawaiian; ‘wiki’ doesn’t mean anything, although it’s beginning to mean ‘interactive’ in Web-speak.
    Maika’i! (Very nice)

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